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Welcome to Africa!

From West to South, without forgetting the Maghreb, we offer various recipes from African countries that will make your taste buds travel in one bite. Sweet oriental pastries and tasty African dishes will have no secrets for you!

Pastels (also called "fatayas") are small fried turnovers served with tuna tomato sauce. They can be eaten plain or stuffed with tuna, minced meat, fresh fish, vegetables etc... Originally from Senegal, pastels are widespread throughout Africa and appreciated by all. Enjoy it hot with a salad.

Makrout is a lozenge-shaped pastry made from date and semolina dough. This popular cake is a staple of North African pastry, especially in Algeria and Tunisia.


The Msemens are Moroccan flaky pancakes that can also be found in other Maghreb countries. They can be stuffed with minced meat, vegetables or plain accompanied by olive oil, honey, chocolate paste and a good mint tea!

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Soupou kandja is a stew found in West Africa, especially in Senegal, Mali and Guinea. Here we present the Senegalese version with the main ingredients of meat, okra and palm oil. This sauce is accompanied by white rice.

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