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Welcome to Europe !

If you are looking for refined, tasty and delicious recipes, stay on this page! You will discover the recipes which are famous in France, Italy, England, Sweden and many more. So, to your aprons!


Originally from Brittany, crêpes are appreciated by all! We can eat them salty or sweet with chocolate, jam, fruit, honey, plain ... in short, there is something for everyone!


Succumb to the sweetness of this caramelized pineapple cake. Softness, freshness and indulgence are on the menu.


What could be better than a good creamy and delicate chocolate mousse to revive your taste buds!


This cake of German origin alternates layer of chocolate and vanilla.


A must for pastry appreciated by young and old: chocolate cake! With this recipe, you will get a soft and tender cake...

Choux sauce choco.png

The crunchiness of the crust, the creaminess and the sweetness of the chocolate await you with this unbeatable cream puff recipe.


French or Spanish? These shell-shaped cupcakes are part of the favorite snack of children (and adults).


It is found around the world in various variants. In France, the custard consists of shortcrust pastry, fresh eggs, cornstarch, vanilla...


Italy and its famous pasta with Bolognese sauce ... An easy, quick and delicious meal!


This quick and easy salmon quiche will be perfect for your meals accompanied by a good salad!


Located in Italy, on the border of France and Switzerland, the region of Piedmont offers us besides its vineyards, the famous Piedmontese salad which has as main ingredient the potatoes.


The staple food of several countries, bread has become essential to us today. With this recipe, you will get rolls with a soft crumb and a crunchy crust.

This sandwich is called the "Räksmörgås" because of the bread that makes it up: polar bread, a creation originally from Swedish Lapland.


Four cheeses, oriental or vegetarian, pizzas have become a classic in all countries. No matter the garnish, you will appreciate this Italian specialty!


A delicious apple cake ideal for a children's snack!


Here is a more gourmet version of the pineapple cake this time with chocolate ...

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